Falling From the Sky

I cannot believe that I’m still alive to write about this adventure!  Of all the traveling I’ve done around our beautiful United States, I’ve never seen anything like the views of the Grand Canyon from high above in an airplane.  I really cannot believe that I actually jumped out of that plane! 

Skydiving over the Grand Canyon was such a thrill that my heart is pounding now as I write this all down, even though the trip was a few years ago.  Part of me still wonders what I was thinking to go on such an exhilarating adventure, but I’m so glad that I did! 

The flight crew was exceptional!  Once we reached the ideal altitude, the crew went into swift and efficient action.  We already had on our safety harnesses, so all we had to do was attach our parachutes, put on our helmets and goggles, and assume the position near the open door in order to jump.  I will never forget the feeling of the free fall, as our speedometer indicated that we were approaching 120 miles per hour.

As far as I could see, the Grand Canyon stretched below us.  I could see miles of ridges and plateaus of the red tinted earth.  I felt as if I were an eagle soaring above barren terrain in search of life below.  This is an image that will stay in my mind forever.  It will have to stay in my mind, since I think it is unfathomable that I could take a picture while I was free falling. 

The expert flight crew was perfect in predicting our landing spot, also.  We landed on a plateau just on the west edge of the canyon and not too far from the West Rim hotel that we planned to stay in for the night. 

I experienced a perfect descent that wasn’t too harsh when I actually touched the ground.  I was glad to be back on solid ground; although, the 8 minutes I had just spent in the air were crazy and exhilarating! 

I’m not sure if I would try skydiving again during my lifetime, but I’m certainly glad that the one time I did skydive, was over such a remarkable place as the gorgeous Grand Canyon.